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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Make Space Initiative - promoting young artists through exhibitions in cafe

Sorehead, Jon Chan, Finding Humor, Singapore
Sorehead, Jon Chan

   Last week we were telling you about Almanic members, who set up Dustbunnies Exhibition at Societe Generale Gallery in Singapore, and they are not the only ones young and talented Lasalle College of Arts freshly graduates, who want to say the word in art. Our main thought was, that actually, being in arts, means to have proactive position and strong will to express your self promoting ideas to audience. So here it is confirmation - this week started with 'Make Space Initiative' exhibition series launched by another group of students, united by their mate young artist and curator Kray Chen.

   This time the venue was chosen smartly - in popular cafe Merely Ice Cream, where you can just go to have sweet treat for your buts and now for your eyes. The difference between gallery expositions and works featured in cafe or restaurant is huge. Going to gallery brings you some sort of seriousness, you also at least pretend to understand art and know about artist. Whereas, seeing works in cafe is 'on the go' and can be enjoyed many times, before you will form your opinion about artist. Less obligations, more fun and casual atmosphere of learning and sharing ideas.
   Under supervision of Make Space Initiative Group, starting from opening in early January until beginning of March there will be 4 series featuring different artists, united by similar ideas - two weeks each, under curator Kray Chen, who took care merging artists and finding similarities in their works.
   First stage called "Finding humor" will be held from 7th to 19th of January. It includes series of black/white comics 'Sorehead' from Jon Chan, Collages and drawings from Filip Gudovic and visual installations by Kray Chen. "Finding humor' is unifying three artists, who find needs to laugh from daily things and reflect it in their work. 'Batty' and 'Dinky' acting in Chan's comics, 'Outta Space' colorful collages by Gudovic and 'Very Soft Drink' Chen's installation. Best if you make your opinion by dropping by at the venue.
   You can have both sweet buts and eyes treats at Merely Ice Cream @ #01-13, 91 Bencoolen Street, Sunshine Plaza. Drop by from 12pm to 11pm except Sundays. It's especially useful for art students  to see, what direction other young artists going and how to organize your first exhibition. More over, place has super convenient location - Lasalle College of Arts is just across the street and NAFA is building in front.
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Filip Gudovic, Outta Space Finding Humor - Singapore
Outta Space, Filip Gudovic