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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Michael Podolinsky: "Managing, Motivating, Maximazing Teams in Asia"

Productivity book launch Michael Podolinsky, Singapore
Mike Podolinskt speaking about Seagal's wisdom 

Singapore being a business center, headquarters city for many global companies is also a home ground for a lot of foreign managers brought to drive teams in Asia. Being expatriate, It's always good to know, that besides colleagues and friends support, you can get some professional advice from those, who are originally from Western culture, but spend decades in Asia managing, coaching, driving teams to success and bringing numbers to the table - Michael Podolinsky is those, who can help you.

With experience of living in 18 countries in Asia, not mentioning 15 countries on other five continents, Michael, currently based in Singapore, has in his consulting portfolio more than 700 clients, that can be counted as more than 11 million people employed at name few giants as Microsoft, IBM, Shangri-La, MediaCorp, Shell, Maybank, UOB, Pfizer, GE, MOE, NUH and others. Studying and sharing about human productivity for 32 years, helping companies and managers not only to reach business goals, but improve overall companies performance by managing human sources in different way, Mike, how he calls himself, launches his second book "Productivity: Managing, Motivating, Maximizing Teams in Asia".
At the eve of 15th January, friends, colleagues and those, who already experienced Mike's coaching support, gathered at the Pot @ National Library Building for book launch and short crash review by the guru. And the first rule, announced by the author was: "Don't invent the wheel again". Simple advice to those, who are wondering how to manage team in Asia. Then, three key roles of good manager: Be a full-time coach, be a full-time motivator, be a part-time manager. Main points are followed by statements about delegation and benefits, and all this is in special Mike's manner of half serious speech about serious things, with jokes, video, life sketches.
Productivity book launch Michael Podolinsky, SingaporePodolinsky's trainings for sales departments and top-managers are the same easy digested presentations, so even sessions about cold calls become interesting. Mike's view of human sources in any organisation is based on his theory of 3 different types of people presented in every team: winners, those, who is ready to complete any task, bottom-line, those, who just find the way not to do work, and middle wiener, who always ask, why they have to do so much. Depending from type they belong to, employees should be given different tasks, deadlines, benefits, and treats. Listen to real stories from guru can be endless, but at the same time, it's real cases, that every manager meet every day.
There is also part about local environment, culture, special way people are used to work in Asia and in Singapore particularly, that can be very helpful for managers, who just moved to the region and got local team to drive. But the key point from author is to put your own rules in every organization, department and project team, as Singapore is a mix of cultures and traditions with addition of expatriates flavor.
To write down all Mike's advices, even given in one hour short presentation, is just not possible, so intensive, useful and concentrated information is. Best way is to read new book or ask Podolinsky for consultation, organize sharing session at the company office or invite him to speak in front of the team. Then all guru's secrets can be heard, all situations can be discussed and all issues solved.