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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Far East Trip - AWS Evangelist Jeff Barr presenting latest services to Singapore audiences

Singapore, AWS Evangelist Jeff Barr, Amazon Wes Services, road trip, presentation, meetup, roomorama office, 115 Amoy Street
AWS Evangelist Jeff Barr - Far East Road Trip Tour - Singapore part
 - Amazon Wes Services presentation
 meetup, @Roomorama new office, 115 Amoy Street

You don't get often the chance to meet guru and speak to chefs of big companies, who drive millions and dictate market development. You really feel it in island-limited Singapore, that is perfect place for international companies to have base in Asia and for start-ups to grow fast, but all technologies are mostly developed in Valleys and delivered to Singapore in ready-to-use packages. So on the eve of 15th of July it was double pleasure to meet and listen to AWS Evangelist Jeff Barr, who made stop in Singapore to introduce AWS Services, applications and cloud computing to audiences at new +Roomorama office @ 115 Amoy Street. 

AWS Singapore Group members gathered for the third time to learn about latest EC2 instance types, Relational Database Service, Amazon Glacier and Amazon Redshift, as well as to hear latest news about cloud computing. Jeff's main message to audience's was: don't try to learn all services, as the company develop new and update existing applications faster, than user can learn all of them. Singapore stopover is part of Asian trip, which continues Jeff's AWS Road Trip, which first started as road drive in US from Seattle to Portland and back. During roadshow Jeff blogged about the journey with pictures, videos, comments, expressing his feelings and thoughts, as he was meeting 14 AWS groups for presentations and discussions. As social media junkie, I asked how he managed to keep updated all social platforms during his trip, and Jeff replied, that he did and does separated type of messages for every network, as audiences, approach and technics to reach followers are different everywhere. He even doesn't bother to ask AWS to build application for spreading messages across SNS, as it's easy technically, but not effective when it comes to engagement.
And now Jeff is in Asia, covering another part of the World. If you missed Singapore AWS Group meetup and interested to know about Jeff's journey or AWS latest services, you can find his presentation on-line. Jeff is also active user of Twitter, so I'm sure, you can approach him @JeffBarr. 
Tonight Jeff is speaking in front of Kuala Lumpur AWS Group, then we can catch him at the AWS Summit in Singapore on Thursday, 18th of July. And he is presenting to Philippines AWS users on the 19th of July. 
If you are curious about Roomorama new office, they host housewarming party this Wednesday - 17th of July from 6 pm to 9 pm, where they are going to feature their job opportunities. But if you are not software developer, just come and join networking with drinks and canapes.
Moreover, their Founder and CEO Federico Folcia is going to share his story of success in Asia at StartupGrind meet-up @TheHUB on the 19th of July, Friday, you can register for the event here.