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Monday, 7 April 2014

Social Media Connection Power: My bridal shoot picture is up for Wedding Awards competiton in Karelia

Bridal Shoot, Blonde model, Russian, Close-up, Asia, Singapore, Botanic Gardens, July 2013
By the way, it's on of my favourite pictures from that shoot too!

My mom's school friend is running Tailor Salon "Дорогое платье" (Precious Dress) at the Petrozavodsk, capital of Karelia, one of Russian Republics at North-West of Russia, on the border with Finland to locate it better for my foreign friends. Nearly 25 years not seeing each other after finishing school, as my mom's friend Olga went to study and live to another region, those two reconnected in Vk, Russian version of Facebook, nearly year ago. 

Olga as a professional, was interested in my model pictures to learn about fashion trends in Asia and she liked pretty much my bridal photoshoot, that even took some ideas of hairstyle to apply at her recently founded Wedding clothes saloon
And here it is, the culmination: they decided to use my images to present saloon at the annual "Wedding Awards. Karelia" competition, that is run on-line and you can vote, through Like using profile.

I'm amazed once again, how Social Media connect us and transport ideas, helping for a good.