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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Singapore life in Temporary Repositories archive by Kent Chan - 15 years of Moving Images

Substation, Temporary Repositions, Kent Chan, archive
Kent Chan sorting out films at the venue @Substation

Along with Hollywood, Bollywood and Hong-Kong huge film making industries, Singapore contributed its own part in recording humans life for past years. Movies, documentaries, interviews made by local directors about everyday Singapore life and shown under "Moving Images" program run by The Substation for past 15 year are now presented at 'Temporary Repositories' exhibition by Kent Chan, who carefully collected and sorted out archive, examining contemporary cinema in Singapore.

Opened on the eve of 16th January, 'Temporary Repositions' are shelves of hundreds films, sorted by Chan, who watched every single piece, that was shown in cinema since the start of 'Moving Images' in 1997. Arrangement presents artist's personal opinion about history of film making in Singapore. Visitors, who can check out exhibition for free from 12 to 9 pm every day until 27th January, will also enjoy watching documentaries, that were made during project preparation and mainly give idea about cinema's obsession with recording world through images.

Singapore, Substation, Temporary Repositories, Moving Images
Hundreds Moving Images for 15 years
Singapore, Substation, Temporary Repositories, Moving Images

Singapore, Substation, Temporary Repositories, Moving Images
Documentaries connected to Temporary Repositories can be watched