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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Don't hold it! Smash your stress at District 10 @StarVista - have a beer first!

Smashing Box - District 10, StarVista, Singapore
Smashing Box

With recent studies showing Singapore being the most emotionless society, despite being among the most richest ones, it's not quite possible to believe, that people don't have feelings, expressions and opinions at all, they are just not used to show it. One of the reasons is culture not to disturb other and to be independent and confident at all the time. 

There is no way to show your weaknesses or disappointing, it comes to children with the mom's milk, when kids enter school at three and start to read even earlier... Then they grow in high competitive environment knowing how much their parent pay to the school, working till late. Then being fresh graduated young people start to work overtime and weekends just to get promoted and climb career. And all business environment doesn't allow to show any weaknesses, you are also required to be polite at all the time, even if deep inside you are boiling. Colleagues, boss, partners - all are listening your talks and can use any of your thoughts against you. So people end up being emotionless and keeping expressions to them self, being stressed and unhappy.
Considering all this, the question, how to release your stress, be in a good mood and ready to enjoy life again, is very actual. You can visit psychotherapist or take pills, but the best way to release your stress is to share it with your friends, who can listen, laugh and give advice. Taking this thoughts in consideration, new launch branch of Tapas Bar Restaurant District 10, made an opening party with the theme "Smash your glass", positioning place as venue to have a stress release with close friends, the glass of bear and tapas after hardworking day in the office.
On the chilled eve of 8th January, guests gathered at new opened District 10 @StarVista shopping mall, free draft beer and complimentary plates of best food from menu cheered tired after work crowd, but in couple of minutes, everybody was up for a talk and meeting new people, socializing and networking. Moreover, soon you could hear guests started to throw their empty beer glasses into special glass box, where as a target in small window you could place picture of the person, who brought you into stress - ex-wife or boss, annoying mate or even public person. That flashy loud sounds of smashed glasses brought a lot of smiles and happiness to people's faces and melted evening even more. And what else do you need for good start of the working year? Good place for tapas and beer, chat with close friends and meeting new people - new District 10 @StarVista #01-42/K3 is opened for it.
My comments about party are also published at - Diners smash beer glasses to relieve stress

Smash Your Stress - District 10, StarVista, Singapore
Smash Your Stress - District 10, StarVista, Singapore

Complimentary Platter & Beer, District 10, Starvista
Complimentary Platter & Beer, District 10, StarVista