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Sunday, 6 January 2013

MAAD - good alternative to spend your Friday eve and to unique your look - monthly at Red Dot Design Museum

January 2013 Maad at Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore
January MAAD at Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore

With the New 2013 starting, many of communities and groups have their own Year kicking events to cheer up members and thank loyal fans. MAAD - Market for Artists and Designers carried out their first for a year monthly Friday night out called 'Pyjamas' at Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore on the 4th of January.
Starting from 5pm to midnight guests were able to check out and buy hand-made accessories and scrapbooks, bags and apparel, sweet small gifts and even sets of buttons with unique design. Almost home-made chocolate cookies and ice-cream... and a lot more of stuff, that will complete your unique look. 

On a value adding side, market is traditionally held at the museum ground, so if you are tired of market's color exuberance or need to take time and think, which item to buy, you can walk behind stalls and take a look at museum expositions, that show design of daily-use objects, such as mixer, shaker, vacuum cleaner or carpet from worldwide known brands. In contrast with colorful handicrafts, devices design look very simple and even strict - black/white colors and straight lines without many details. Red Dot's own permanent Design Museum Shop was also opened until late offering same range of products as market. 
MAAD sound January 2013 - Halcyon, Shafyre
MAAD sound January 2013 - Halcyon, Shafyre
At 9 pm Halcyon rocked the space with the sound and final set was given at 10 pm by Shafyre, true Singapore rocker.
On a sweet note, registration form for next 'One Friday Pyjamas Night', that will take place at the same venue on the 1st of February, is already launched. So young designers, don't miss your chance to be promoted. In case, you can't make it because you are enormously busy with orders for coming Chinese New Year celebration, MAAD run by Momage Art every month and scheduled to be on the 1st of March after that, and further dates can be checked at MAAD's web-site, as well as list of handicrafts designers and artists, who took part at the event. You can also stay updated, if you become fun of their Facebook Page, that seems more convenient nowadays, as news and information about upconing events will just pop-up in your feed. Market is free to attend for all guests and there are more activities held at the event, such as 'Portraits After Dark' drawing organised by OIC- Organisation of Illustrators Council, presentations watching and fun hangout with friends on Friday eve.
For years being, MAAD got solid support from many organisations, which also provide constant promotion. Despite numerous publications in news and magazines, it has permanent partnership with Juice, Surface Singapore, CityNomads. Sound part is supplied by Minimal Simplicity, and hungriness can be satisfied at the Artery Bar, that is at the same building with museum and sharing common yard with very comfortable tables for chat and hangout. The project itself is initiated and curated by Patrick Chng & Andy Yang.
MAAD is truly place to meet new ideas, proactive people and original designers. It's definitely smart alternative to spend Friday night with pleasure and dividends, rather than just heading to nearest bar or usual club for next regular drinking session. Moreover, getting stuff at MAAD will bring uniqness to your style and make your look unforgettable for others, it's also affordable, so once a month shopping there won't crush your pocket. Just a sweet reminder, next opportunity to be at MAAD is on the 1st of February, the venue is the same, Red Dot Design Museum @ 28 Maxwell Road, Singapore. See ya there. Maad.
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Standard designers stall @ MAAD, Red Dot Design Museum
Standard designers stall @ MAAD, Red Dot Design Museum
Conetira acessories at MAAD in Red Dot Design Museum
MAAD - Market for Artists and Designers, Maxwell Road, Singapore

MAAD at Red Dot Design Museum Singapore