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Monday, 25 February 2013

Proving power of Social Media. Models for new fashion collection Jonah by Noel Caleb get hundreds "Likes" in first 24 hours

Noel Caleb, Jonah fashion collection Model Blogger Blondie Asian, Singapore
Blondie Asian - Model Blogger #7

It's been only 24 hours since Noel Caleb announced results of Model X Blogger Search, we were writing about last time, but one of 16 models, Elaine Jasmine under #5, chosen for Noel Caleb new clothes collection Jonah runway show, already got 150 Likes from Fans, who supported her within models competition.

Noel Caleb new clothes collection Jonah is brought by cohort of on-line store run Associates Programme 2012 participants Singaporean Loretta Chen, Indonesian Katarina Ketty Yeo and Russian Sophie Ksenia. According to Noel Caleb announcement, Jonah is "based on a character which is defiant and gone through many stormy episodes in life due to her rebellious nature to finally learn".
On the 19th of February Noel Caleb handled Model X Blogger Search at their venue @ The Co, where models were required to to make couple of shoots, walk down the stairs and record thirty second bio about themselves and why do they are interested in Noel Caleb runway.
As a result, 13 models and 3 bloggers were listed at the Noel Caleb Fanpage in Facebook to run Jonah fashion show, that will be part of CoverShot Girl 2013 Competition Final Night by new on-line magazine and goodies portal OMG Paradise @ Zouk from 6pm to 10 pm on the 23rd of March, where Noel Caleb will be presented in judges panel.
Noel Caleb also run their own competition between chosen models, as girls can win 300S$ by getting the most "Likes" on their photo on Noel Caleb's Fanpage. As a requirement users should "Like" on-line store Fanpage as well as photo. And participants really confirm the power of social media and show creativity, trying to get "Likes". As for example, one of video bloggers Sulastri Kamis (nickname Luin Faniel) created Youtube post, asking all her followers for support. Model #3 Clarissa Cattleya shared her picture asking for voices, because of her coming birthday. As numbers raised to hundreds already first day of competition, it's hard to imagine, how many thousands "Likes" will have winning Model, who will be announced on the 23rd of March.
Besides chance to run the show, every model will be given complimentary clothes as an exchange as well as photos and videos worth 500S$.
As promised, we will be reporting about models competition, as well as about preparation to runway and show evening itself, as Blondie Asian is credited by Noel Caleb to debut at runway and you can vote for model #7 on Fanpage. But bloggers role is always to review things, so we will be happy to report about inside of model, fashion and runway life. For two other bloggers chosen for runway, Sulastri Kamis #15, who run Youtube channel, and Juliana Chong #11, who run IloveBunny and recently launched web-site HoneyzCube, it will be also first time to be a model. So we are very excited to cover the project and deliver you all insights about models life.
You can expect updates on the 5th of March, as it will be first models gathering, training and catwalk, as well as reports from rehearsals on the 20th - 22nd of March and, of course, the hottest updates from general repetition at the morning of 23rd of March from the venue in Zouk.
For those, who are interested to join Associates Programme 2013, please rush to sign up, as half year schedule has been released and weekly workshops, meetings, sharing sessions started at the beginning of February and will last until 5th of August 2013.
To read about Model X Blogger Search in February 2013
Noel Caleb is also running Fashion Design Competition - Colour Kaleidoscope - The Fashion Decades, searching for designers collections for women from 24 to 36 years old. To participate, please check details and submit your application before 19th of March. 
Good luck and stay tuned!
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