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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Mobile CrApps by Compuware - discussing bad users experience for better at Mobile Mondays @ The Hub Singapore

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Shabbir Boliwala Speaking about bad apps experience, Mobile CrApps

Mobile Mondays - recently found community for mobile market professionals and monthly Meetup group run by Chris Chandler, gathered on the 18th of February, for the second time in 2013, for unusual hangout under Mobile CrApps topic by Compuware @ The Hub Singapore.

With increasing demand for mobile applications, that will allow users to experience on-line from devices the same as from stationary computers and laptops, it's very important to make sure, that newly developed and launched tools are running properly helping brands to reach their clients and to build mobile based communications. Mobile users by default expect, that applications they download will be the same convenient, fast and comfortable to use as mobiles itself. As according to Equation Research, "71 percent of mobile web users expect web-site performance on their mobile phones to be equal to, or better than, what they experience on their desktops". With diversity of mobile platforms  models, screen sizes, resolutions available at consumer electronics market today, it's very important to make sure, that applications are suitable for every device. 
Shabbir Boliwala, Compuware's Solution Sales Director in ASEAN Region, shared companies search results and analysed samples regarding typical reasons of users unsatisfactory with applications, as according to Equation Research, "47 percent of mobile users encountered a problem when accessing an application on their phones. Slow load time was the number one issue, closely followed by applications that crashed, froze or displayed an error". Meeting difficulties in accessing applications, users will quit the program and do not return to use it again or wouldn't try to fix the issue by themselves or search why there are errors, they also wouldn't call technical or customer support to report issue or get help, unless it's life saving kind of application, that is important in everyday life. Instead of that, people will project their unsatisfation on brand, products, apps developer, that are connected to it, which will damage the image and have negative effect on users attitude towards brand. Moreover, with easy access to Internet, social media and different channels, users are tend to spread their bad experience to others, reaching not only small communities of friends and relatives, but also colleagues, professionals and other clients of the brand they had bad experience with. So referring to Mobile CrApps event headline, the main point we suggest to brands and companies to stand for is don't gamble "with customer layalty by delivering bad experience". Once launched bad tested application will ruin not only brands and companies image in eyes of customers, but also will deprive reputation and credit towards web-developer.
Guest speakers Aileen Sim - BillPin, Erwan Macé - Bitsmedia and Kieran Weston from TigerSpike, who developed The Economist for iPad & Android, Saud Sultan from Microusability shared their experience of patient work on applications developing, testing and perfection with meetup moderator Jerry Tan from Compuware. 
The atmosphere of the MoMo was overwelming with guests and speakers sharing their experience and thoughts for better. Event ended up with nw contact and connections established, which maked everybody to look forward for next meetup under Mobile Mondays.
If you missed event, Compuware presentation is available on-line
One of the guest speakers and application developers Aileen Sim also put some of her thought in readable format
Check out Photos from the Mobile CrApp, as you may see, that your colleagues are already there, that is one more reason to join Mobile Mondays next time.
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