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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Face recognition comes to digital billboards advertising - new are of real target marketing! Choices for Girls campaign by PlanUK

Let's say, It's been a year, since Plan UK outdoor campaign was launched in London on the 22nd of February. They put digital screens at bus stop in Oxford Street, that had HD camera and face recognition software, that was able to identify features of the watcher and show customized advertising.

There were some controversial discussions doing on around the topic of campaign, as basically the initial message from Plan UK was aimed to attract attention to 'basic choices get taken away' from women and girls in different societies and countries. But some of the critics pointed, that not only girls get their opportunities cut, but also males. It's connected to food, education, religion, poverty issues, and suffering from, for example, hunger, all human are the same - no matter gender, ages or skin color. 
But my attention was particularly attracted by the fact, that using programs and devices advertisers could customize outdoor promotion for concrete person. Moreover, they were able to recognize and fix reaction towards shown video advertising. That brings marketing the new level, when it stops to be something unmeasured and measurable, something, that some business owner don't want to lose money for, as they can't exactly estimate the effect. With digital screens and cameras it's possible now to count how many viewers actually liked promotion, express interest towards subject or even shown attitude to buy products.
So all marketing specialist - be aware and keep an eye, now you can be asked for results and measurement, that will be done not by prospective counting, but by real people, who are going to face your products. We are going to track development of that features and tell you more soon. Stay tuned!
To watch other videos about Plan UK initiatives, please, visit YouTube channel