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Sunday, 3 February 2013

ACI is gathering Hospitality Industry professionals at Winedown Wednesdays

Rendezvous Grand Hotel, yard, lobby, Singapore
Atrium, Rendezvous Grand Hotel, Singapore

Singapore continue to be the uniting ground for professionals, who are working at the same sphere. January was the month of gathering and sharing for artists: ArtStage for galleries from all around the World, The Fisrts Hotel Art exhibition and Fair Frindge by ApArt Fair - mainly for individual artists and Singapore talents, Soiree by galleries in Raffles Hotel Arcade for all art connoisseurs. And at the end of the month, on the eve of 30th January, Hospitality Industry professionals gathered first time for Winedown Wednesdays at Rendezvous Grand Hotel @ 9 Bras Basar Road.

Event with proper high standard catering was organised by ACI - HR Solutions in Travel & Hospitality and supported by HSMAI, Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association. Despite it was first time for gathering in Singapore, networking is going to be regular and promises to bring new business contacts and intensive industry knowledge and tendencies exchange. For updates and next socializing joining, stay tuned at the Aci's page in Facebook.
Check out photo review from the event as well. You might see your colleagues and partners already being there, so it's one more reason to join.

ACI, Winedown Wednesdays, Rendezvous Grand Hotel, Singapore
ACI's, Winedown Wednesdays - January 2013, Rendezvous Grand Hotel, Singapore
Rendezvous Grand Hotel, roof, Singapore
Roof, Rendezvous Grand Hotel, Singapore