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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Saught - making beauty from dangerous pieces

Saught Spring Summer Collection 2013
Venue at The Public Domain

  Christmas shopping time is definetely good for discovering new things at the market, while you are searching for perfect presents. So decided we are and sharing here new word at accessories endless market - Saught.

  Saught is actually community of active singaporeans, who try to make difference, by helping real people, giving them job, income, support, spreading word about peace and sharing information about those, who are in need. Young singaporean designers are making accessories from Cambodian landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXOs), promoting peace and help for those, who are still in need after hard times in their country. Saught designers get Cambodian people to make jewelry pieces for them, giving possibility to get stable income and also helping disabled ones.
  All designs are inspired by horrible signs of past war, that are still all around Cambodia: injured kids, poverty, families living at the streets and houses from garbage, mine fields and sudden news about people losing leg or hand and sometimes their life in jungles. That's how names of accessories collections were created: "Freedom from poverty", "Freedom from war", "Freedom from fear". Some art pieces are named "Bricks of hope" - also remind, that help required especially after war is finished.
  Saught partnered with Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Design and student created unique design for every pieces of Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Cambodians, whom Saught is supporting, produce actual accessories from mine metal, that was gathered from fields and specially processed to get new shape and sheen.
  It can sound strange to wear earrings from piece of metal, that could kill the kid playing at the field, but when you see bird of hope with wings bringing it up to the sky, when you think, that that accessories were made with a good attittude and by people who are in real need to get every cent for their family, you are just proud to wear that peice of art and to say, that you helped those living far away, who are in poverty.
Peace makers for peace lovers
New Collection pieces
  New collections of accessories were launched mainly to the students audience during exclusive preview at The Public Domain at 51, Waterloo Street, place for young talented people with proactive vision of life. Evening of 14th December was stuffed with food by social enterprise Soul Food providing training and employment for the disabled in Singapore, bubbly Lindeman's peche beer; cookies by Tamar Village supporting outreach work for freedom from the sex trade in Singapore, crafty goods by In Merry Motion, and gorgeous presents by Gracesmiths. Good atmosphere was created by Saught members and designers, who were sharing their ideas and how they got inpired for creations. Guests could try all products and get it in boxes with simple, but special design.  20% off was pleasant reward for those, who visited launch event. Pictures at the walls were mainly displaying Cambodians, and the process of accessories creation.
Saught community describe themselves as PeaceMakers, for PeaceLovers, social business "to support sustainability in post-conflict countries". They are supported and staying in good partnership with Italian NGO "Education for a Future", that is working 8 years in Cambodia to educate locals teaching them Italian traditions of making jewelry. They are in connection with Rajana Association, that is giving Cambodians crafting, sewing and silversmith skills and helps to sell goods in store around Cambodia. Saught gets materials from Cambodian Mine Centre. In Singapore, except Temasek Polytechnic's School of Design, Saught is supported by NUS Enterprise, that generously help young entrepreneurials in Singapore. And the most important, Saught is recognised and supported internationally by Global Leaders, Entrepreneurials and Altruists Network (GLEAN), that is giving special attention to women leaders and start ups founders.
Saught - support Cambodia

Saught - support Cambodia

Integrity - Freedom from Fear Collection - Saught
Integrity - Freedom from Fear Collection - Saught
Petals of Bloom - Freedom from War Collection - Saught
Petals of Bloom - Freedom from War Collection - Saught
Support Cambodia - Saught

Freedom from fear, war, poverty - New collection - Saught