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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Larger-than-Life Cow Sculptures by Gnana - Indian roots at Galeri Utama

Larger-than-Life cow sculptures by P Gnana
Larger-than-Life cow sculptures by P Gnana

Cows in bronze, metal, painted, with paper prints on the sides, from car parts and with chains as tales, small puppy-sized and giant life sizes, just staying at the grass or looking at the reflection, funky Coca-Cola cows and with machine parts as legs, all of them have character and look realistic despite of materials produced from. Cow sculptures are truly “Larger-than-life” experience by Singapore artist Gnana, who grew up helping mother to look for cows, feed them watch life of animals and understand every pose and even expressions, and to bring it to his art works years later. 

Today P Gnana with 23 year art career and more, than 10th solo exhibitions around the World, including New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur and New York debut in 2011, is opening his solo exhibition in Singapore – Incarnation, supported by National Parks Board, Sculpture Society and Gnani Art Gallery. Art lovers, who came to Utama Galeri at the foot of Fort Canning hill on the eve of 20th Dec got perfect chance to listen artist speaking about his inspiration and works, what is guiding him and how he is searching for materials. 
Larger-than-Life exhibition in Singapore
Incarnation by P Gnana in Singapore
Mainly cow sculptures, including giant real-size cow at the entry to the gallery, were presented to public. Each giving different ideas and being lively despite of unlivable material. Gnana’s works combine basic nature of animal poses and industrial materials, which makes everybody, who is sees his works, to think about our complex world and human balancing between nature and progress. Guest-of-honor Mr. Kong Yit San from National parks Board expressed strongest support towards artists work.
Cow image is one of key figures in Gnana’s work, who also made series of painting, where animals are main characters along with pair of lovers or thinkers… Gallerie D’Arts conducted Gnana’s solo exhibition “Holy Cow” in May-June 2012 with 6 cow sculptures and 25 painting. Gnana is also working on scultupture, that combine human figures and different parts of machines, devices, electronics, such as insides chip of old TV screens. Artist’s works are truly valued by modern art connoseuirs; Gnana’s works are in collection of former President of Singapore, of Singapore Art Museum of the National Heritage Board, Coutts Bank, Ascenda’s International Park in Chennai. Gnana is active member of Singapore Sculpture Society and taking part in many exhibitions, as for example Affordable Art Fair in November 2012 in Singapore.
Incarnation exhibition will be conducted in Utama Galeri from 20th to 31 Dec and opened for all visitors, outdoor sculptures can be seen even in 2013. Those, who want to learn more about “cow-ology” by Gnana can visit Gallery of Gnani Arts at Tanglin Mall.

Cowology by P Gnana
Cowology by P Gnana

P Gnana - Cow-ology - Galeri Utama
P Gnana - Cow-ology - Galeri Utama
Singapore - Incarnation exhibition
Incarnation by P Ghaha - Singapore
Larger-than-Life Incarnation - Cow scultures
Cow-ology by P Gnana - Incarnation
Incarnation exhibition by P Gnana - Utama Galeri
P Gnana Larger-than-Life Sculptures
Incarnation - Utama Galeri - P Gnana
Incarnation - Utama Galeri - P Gnana
Larger-than-Life P Ghana Singapore
Larger-than-Life Cow Sculpture by P Ghana
Vydhya Gnana Gouresan - P Gnana exhibition curator
Vydhya Gnana Gouresan - P Gnana Incarnation opening
Incarnation exhibition opening at Utama Galeri Singapore
Utama Galeri hosting Incarnation by P. Gnana
Incarnation - P.Gnana - Larger-than-Life Sculptures
P.Gnana - Utama Galeri - Incarnation exhibition
Incarnation Exhibition at Utama Galeri
Incarnation by P Gnana at Utama Galeri
P Gnana at Utama Galeri Singapore
P Gnana BIO