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Friday, 28 December 2012

Kpop continues to conquer Singapore life

Kpop Fever Flip Leaf Communication

On the eve of 27th December, between two great holidays, Flip Leaf Communications hosted Kpop Fever event, that was just great combination of all best, that we take from Korea. Gifts, discounts, samples, certificates, all was carefully gathered and presented to guests, who attended truly VIP event to get closer to Korean culture.

Speech in Korean from MC, and guests got 51$ voucher discount for language lesson @Korean Guru. Korean style dance from girls group, and everybody could subscribe with 15% off for ACTFA school of dance and performing arts to learn Gangman Style and any other dance classes from Argentine tango to Sensual dance. As a cute moment, there was competition for kids, who danced as Gangman and could win prizes, guests voted from their heart and to the end every young talent got rewarded. 
Korean pop songs live singing, and transforming clothes presentation from A-Maze by Derrick Fun, 20$ voucher from Nail's D'vine classical family nail Spa at Dempsey, travel kit of Korean LJH cosmetics from Hankook, all that was great reward for guests and good introduction into Korean culture and life. Event turned to be cosy and heartwarming, that made everybody waiting for next occasion to deep into Korean culture.
Flip Leaf Communications Kpop Fever Korean live
Korean Kpop live 
A-Maze by Derrick Fun at Kpop Fever
A-Maze by Derrick Fun at Kpop Fever
Derrick Fun at Kpop Fever
Dress length changing at the stage
Derrick Fun at Kpop Fever
Derrick Fun transforming clothes
Flip Leaf Communications - Kpop Fever dance
Kpop Fever dance