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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Young, talented, passionate - Ashley Ann Tan in Joy Forever

Young Singaporean artist Ashley Ann Tan donated 15 of her paintings to Joy Forever - Christmas Surprise from Nikei exhibition to support Children's Society.

Joy Forever - Nikei
Pretty Pattern - Ashley Ann Tan
 8th of December Nikei Art Gallery in Raffles Hotel featured works of 7 years old Ashley, who gave her works to the Gallery and will be transferring funds from purchases for other children, who are in need. Young artist is specializing in floral paintings, but some other works are truly showing children interests - panel with ice-cream and sweets, cats. 
   At the opening event 4.500S$ were raised to the fund and some works were taken to collections immediately. Ashley's passion attracted attention of media, her action was covered by local Lian He Wan Bao, The New Paper and Singapore Art Gallery Guide. 
    Works will be shown at the Gallery until 25th December together with works of other artists within Joy Forever exhibition, including MINEKO and Masaki Kondo (Mother and Son - Japan), Ryo Yoshikawa (Japan), Yumiko Sakurai (Japan), Ryoko Kato (Japan), Zhou Hao(China) and Laila Azra (Indonesia).

   As a sweet note, Nikei is one of the key Galleries in Singapore introducing Japanese art to the World. And it's absolutely worthy to have a look at unique style and technique of Ryo Yoshikawa's works, who is playing with shadows and colors introversion, as well as Mineko's sensitive ability to capture and sketch intangible people's feelings and facial expressions, mimics and talking poses. Mother's almost miniature sketches are framed by son, who is creating wood furniture. Nikei is also surprising Singapore, showing, that Japanese art is not only about comics, but also strong impressionism tradition with a lot of artists expressing themselves in paintings and sculpture. 

   Nikei is not only introducing Japanese art to Singapore, but also connecting generations of artists featuring works of young Singaporean Ashley Tan at one space with the works of 99 years old Japanese impression Toko Shinoda, who is turning 100 next March and is already alive legend.

  Joy Forever - Christmas Surprise from Nikei is displaying works, that can be perfect Christmas presents for close friends and family and even sweet treatment for yourself, that will please your eyes, when you are resting at home after work, sitting with the glass of vine. And this present will last you not only whole next year, but years and decades more.
Joy Forever - Nikei
Ashley Ann Tan - Giant Garden
Joy Forever - Nikei
Ashley Ann Tan - 15 works to donate
Young and passionate - Nikei
Young and Passionate - Joy Forever - Nikei