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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Busy traveling, but still got published. My Asian life-story at RusTelegraph and sneak pics of my East Indonesia Sulawesi trip

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Sneak pic of my trip:
Trust me, all other hanging and inscale graves are nothing
 comparing to horror you feel, thinking, that each tree
has around 40 babies inside...
And it's not a Halloween funny anymore

Some can think, that I gave up writing my notes of Blondie Asian, but no, I was just super busy traveling during Chinese New Year celebration. I went to one of my long time desired destinations very spontaneously, to East Indonesia, Sulawesi Island. 

I'm going to write couple of pieces about my amazing trip during which I went to see unique culture of Tana Toraja, stayed at new Arabic-look-like luxury house, went for refreshing breath-taking trip by Tempe lake and saw Muslim Venice-like village on the water, and swam couple of days with two turtles, which I accidentally found in sea just 2 meters away from the sand line, got spontaneous photo shoot at the beach, and then I stayed last day  for free in 5 star hotel in Makassar with personal local guide, who took me around on motorbike. By the way, he also appeared to be professional photographer, so I got my picture published in Business Indonesia news article about amount of tourists visiting Sulawesi... The link to the article is here and yes I will write more about this story in later articles about my trip, because there are so many thing to tell and sooooo many tips to give to those, who are only going to this remote destination. Sulawesi is still off the tourist trap. 
On numerous requests from my friends, I edited pictures first, as everybody was dying to see proven artifacts of adventures, that I had had during my trip, so I started to upload my photo diary first, as content is already ready, for writing parts, you need to wait a little longer. Meanwhile, you can start enjoying pictures. They are not all up yet, because I always have tones of, and yes, I love to comment each and equip with detailed explanations of what I see at this shot, and why I took that one, what surprised me here and there, because I want my friends and family to see, what I see, but pictures is the only way to make it happen. So yes, more pictures to come and you can check my albums for updates from time to time. Usually I publish whole album at once and it's dedicated to specific part of my trip. Then another one and so on, and so on. So people don't need to check, if I add more pictures to one album or another, the just see completely new album. Main part and primary purpose of the trip is, of course, Tana Toraja, its funeral ceremonies and different types of graves, Then another part: Sengkang, Tempe lake trip, Muslim Venice-like village on the water. Other parts are still to come. Although, there are no pictures from under-water, oh hell, how many times seeing amazing marine life I promise myself to buy underwater camera for next trip... Still not there and yes, you won't see turtles eating weed and swimming under water in my pictures. I only spotted turtle sunrise nesting at the beach near my hotel in Mirissa, South of Sri-Lanka, when I went to that great island for the second time last year for my birthday standard self-present solo 9 days trip. You can see albums and read about trip in my notes.
For now, please also enjoy reading my article, published by former colleague Alexey at his Russian press-agency web-site, which proves once again, that media connections last forever. Another prove was piece by former University mate Olga, who briefly wrote down my Asian story at her on-line magazine and web-site I also made a blog note about it earlier. Opposite to Olga's magazine, RusTelegraph published article written by me, where I explain in details, how it turned to be, that all my friends think I went to Asia only to work as a model, while yet I'm here because of my main job, which is serious Analyst position. Alright, enjoy the article and please, use Google translate to turn it to English in one click.  I will try to put my trip memories into articles and publish soon, despite I got super busy again planning my Birthday trip for this year, which should happen very very soon, starting 14 March or so.