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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Walking, posing, smiling, thinking being a model. Training and preparations to Noel Caleb Jonah collection launch

Jonah model training, Noel Caleb, Singapore, The Co
Walking straight - models training 

Continuing to tell you about my model experience with Noel Caleb, that I was writing about couple of times, today I want to share some updates from our Jonah Show preparations. First model training was conducted on the 5th of March at usual place The Co. Professional model Jessica Ee, who is also chosen to run for Jonah under #9, gave some tips, how to walk on the runway, shared secrets, how to turn, look and stay straight, showing best of your outfit. 

Every girl tried herself walking on high heals, got comments from the trainer and girls. It was fun experience, but still was hard to realize and imagine, that real runway, more of laugh and relax. After all, it was time to get to know each other, as some models as Cattleya Clarisa were participating at the previous shows and could share their experience with newbies like us, bloggers. Each walking test was recorded to be analysed for girls future learning and improving. At the same time, there was last stage of outfits matching by designers of Jonah collection, I was writing about in previous post. And prof photographer was shooting girls in new collection outfits to chose the main face for a campaign. I love to take my pictures during my travelling and sightseeing around Asia, but I usually don't like to be pictured with white background of studio. As I don't see point for me to be isolated from the World. And it's quite hard to put any expressions on your face, as there is no background, that will support it. But that time I was excited about me being a model and trying new outfit, so I could relax and give some smile and pose a little bit in front of camera, even though the light was blinding. They say you need to think about something, remember pleasant moments, don't look at the camera. That's why some model look so out of the place on advertisements. They are just not with us, but somewhere in their own dreams. Somehow, I can't do this kind of cheating, I need to give a real smile, real emotion, because I think about people, who will see my pictures. Well, maybe I still consider that all that viewers will be my friends... Yes, it's different for models. They will be seen by thousands people... I suppose, nobody can smile to every customer walking inside the shop, restaurant, office... People get tired to put fake smiles to strangers. 
Okey, that's another story. I still try, how it's to be a model and will put updates soon, as next gathering is on 20th of March @ The Co, when Jonah models are going to host new collection launch for media, socializing in front of cameras with journalists, bloggers, fashion junkies and lifestyle people, wearing Jonah's outfit, makeup and explaining collection's concept. Meanwhile stay tunes and read about my model experiment from very beginning. Posts are below
To read about Model X Blogger Search in February 2013
Jonah fashion show, that will be part of CoverShot Girl 2013 Competition Final Night by new on-line magazine and goodies portal OMG Paradise @ Zouk from 6pm to 10 pm on the 23rd of March, where Noel Caleb will be presented in judges panel.
Noel Caleb also run their own competition between chosen models, as girls can win 300S$ by getting the most "Likes" on their photo on Noel Caleb's Fanpage. As a requirement users should "Like" on-line store Fanpage as well as photo. And participants really confirm the power of social media and show creativity, trying to get "Likes". And now the leader changed, as first Elaine Jasmine, who appeared to be blogger as well, got more than 150 Likes in first 24 hours. Today the leadership moved to #13 Priscilla Tequila, who got over 450 Likes in 2 weeks. And two more weeks to go until the show!
Noel Caleb is also running Fashion Design Competition - Colour Kaleidoscope - The Fashion Decades, searching for designers collections for women from 24 to 36 years old. To participate, please check details and submit your application before 19th of March. 
Meanwhile, if you want to come to the show, tickets are available for rsvp at sweet price of 30S$ until 15th of March, that gives you entry to OMG "I am a Woman 2013" event at 6pm on the 23rd of March, including Noel Caleb's Jonah Runway show PLUS OMG! Covershot Girls contest and performances by new Ocean Butterfly artists, after-party @ Zouk (worth 25S$++) and one free drink. Public price after 15th of March is 65S$++, so hurry up and stay tuned!

Jonah fashion collection by Noel Caleb, Singapore, The Co
Latest outfits to be chosen for Jonah fashion collection by Noel Caleb
Jessica Ee, Jonah model training, Noel Caleb, Singapore
Jonah models training by Jessica Ee, Noel Caleb, The Co
Jessica Ee, Jonah model training, Noel Caleb, Singapore
Jonah models training by Jessica Ee, Noel Caleb, The Co
 Jonah model training, Noel Caleb, Singapore, The Co
Couple of shots to chose face of Jonah Collection by Noel Caleb
 Jonah model training, Noel Caleb, Singapore, The Co, Blogger Juliana Chong
Blogger Juliana Chong - shooting trial in new Jonah outfit by Noel Caleb